With Todays Electronic devices, why use a sketchbook?

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How Did You Get A Sketchbook?

Chances are you received your first sketchbook as a present or gift. Probably from a parent at Christmas time or on your birthday. Maybe you purchased one as a gift for yourself. However you started sketchbook drawing you probably started using your sketch book for doodling, drawing and sketching in your spare time.

While there are many types of sketchbooks with different designed sketchbooks for girls and sketchbooks for kids in general, there are many for teens and adults alike. What generally makes the difference is the sketchbook hardcover or cover in general. Both front and back and whether it is a sketchbook spiral bound or even a concertina sketchbook the choice is vast.

When on a search for any type of sketch book notebook for drawing painting sketching doodling or whatever it is important to have a sketchbook mixed media one. These allow for the use of different sketchbook media like charcoal paint crayon and pencil etc.

Many sketchbooks have stiff paperback hardcovers and some sketchbook spiral bound ones are around as well. The one that will be your favorite will depend on your own style of drawing. A sketchbook for girls and a sketchbook for adults are probably very similar when it comes to the simple fact that sketchbooks are in essence only blank paper bound in side a cover that you use the sketch book notebook for drawing, writing, painting, sketching etc.

Thankfully you do have a sketchbook no matter how you came to having one as it is important from a young age that kids get to explore their world with their ears and eyes and have the opportunity to put their imaginings down on paper. It is therapeutic and there is nothing like a sketchbook to be a terrific babysitter from time to time.

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